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Latest results

Chris Crocker

23 Dec 2023

...better late than never!

The latest results from the EHA leagues involving Bisons teams are now in... in fact they were in on 10th December... so this update is a bit late! A mixed bag of results - our men's teams doing well and our women's team playing well, but unable to beat last year's league champions.

The Mens 1 team, playing away in tthe EHA Premier League North overcame a strong Loughborough team, who as always, were well drilled. The Bison men went behind in the second half, but succeeded in clawing their way back and then took the lead late on in the game to come out victors, 33 - 35. The Men's 2 team carried on with their good form, playing Nottingham 3 away, and again winning, 30 - 41. The Men 2 team have not lost so far this season, in complete contrast to last year when they struggled in a competitive league, so we're looking forward to the second half of the season and some more close encounters!

The women played another strong Loughborough team, winners of the Premier League North last year. In what was a similar story to the rest of the season, the women battled strongly and bravely for the first three quarters of the game, leading with about 10 minutes to go. However the lack of numbers in the Bisons squad meant the women ran out of steam and the students took a healthy lead in the last few minutes, with the Bisons losing eventually 22-27. Again, we really missed the players who were away or ill, when one or two more would have made a big difference!

Thease were the last games of the year, so we're looking forward to a break and then the second half of the season in 2024!

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