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Supporting schools locally in the development of handball opportunities

Our heart and vision is for the club to support local schools and other organisations as much as possible in the development of handball. We have numerous opportunities to do this, but as most club members work during the day, we unfortunately cannot do all that we would like to do. However, if you have an idea, or project, get in touch and we will see what we can do!


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2022 was the first year of running this competition for local primary schools. We anticipate running this again in 2022-23, as it proved a great success. We would also like to provide training sessions for Year 5 and 6 children



In 2022 we continued our push to support secondary schools with handball development. We have led a number of teacher PDP sessions with some fantastic staff. In the past we have also led sessions for pupils and after school clubs. We are always open for friendly games against school teams to support GCSE students in their assessments.



We have just begun discussions with the Uni Club about how we can work in partnership with each other in the coming year. We are really excited about this as it is an opportunity for us to build on our links with the club ad to see how together we can support the growth of handball.