We are keen to provide a membership structure which provides appropriate levels of membership, both for those who want to play games with Birmingham Handball and those who simply want to come and train with us. For all new participants in training sessions, the first session is free.

We aim to keep all fees as low as possible, but we do need to pay for various outgoings needed to run the club. Membership fees help to pay for the general ongoing costs of the club, whereas training and match fees pay for training and match day venues.

Terms of Membership

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Club members are asked to read and agree to the Equalities and Safeguarding Policies before registering with us. We also ask all club members to read and abide by the relevant Codes of Conduct.

BHC Equity Policy

BHC's statement of commitment to ensuring the club welcomes all people to the club.

Birmingham Handball Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding policy for the club. . Includes details of how to contact the club Welfare Officer if you have any concerns.

Code of Conduct for Adult Players

Expectations and code of conduct for all adult players.

Code of Conduct for Youth Players

Expectations and code of conduct for youth players.

Code of Conduct for parents and carers

Expectations for parents of children at the club.


Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Code of Conduct and expectations for all volunteers and coaches for the club.

Photography policy

Photography and video policy for club members.