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Representing the best of the Bisons!

The Bisons play in EHA regional and national leagues and tournaments with plenty of opportunities to play throughout the season. We also play a number of friendlies, with the aim of giving younger or less experienced players experience of playing in a more relaxed environment. We are always looking for new players, whatever your level of experience. Come and join us!

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Men's 1 Team

Our Men's 1 team plays in the EHA Premier League North, the top flight in English handball. For next season, we are looking to build on the development of the team from the 2022-23 season. We are keen to welcome new players who are committed to training and who want to see their skills tested at the highest level in England.

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Men's 2 Team

Our Men's 2 team plays in the EHA Midlands Regional League. We see this as a development team for talented youth players as well as adults who want to develop their skills, or who want to play handball in a slightly more relaxed environment. We welcome new players who wish to play competitively as well as more experienced players.

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Women's Team

Our Women's Team plays in the EHA Premier League North, the top league in English handball. We welcome new players who want to test their skills against some of the top teams in the country, as well as players who are newer and who want to develop their skills in a friendly environment. We are looking forward to the 2023-24 season and are excited about what the season will bring!

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