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Club members are expected to read and comply with the policies below. We expect volunteers and club officials to lead by example and to abide by the volunteer code of conduct. The club constitution is available by request.


Birmingham Handball takes safeguarding seriously aims to take a robust view of safeguarding and protecting children. All club members should read this policy and understand who to contact if they have concerns.


We aim to be a friendly and welcoming club and want all people to be and feel welcomed. We hope that if you join us, you will find a place where you can enjoy handball in a safe environment.


We expect players to treat team-mates, officials and the opposition with respect and courtesy whilst representing the Bisons in one of our teams. Good conduct should be one of the hallmarks of a Bison player. Players are also expected to pay club fees on time and be committed to training and playing.


Commitment to training and the team, as well as playing with a positive attitude is key for our youth players. We want players to enjoy playing and develop as handball players, respecting our opponents and officials.


Volunteers, coaches and club officials are the leaders in how the club's culture develops. All volunteers should read this code.


We want parents to help their children enjoy playing and support them as much as possible. We hope that parents will be positive examples in how to watch and enjoy the sport.


Policy regarding taking photographs within club settings including training and matches. All club members should be aware of the policy and abide by it.

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