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Developing handball in Birmingham

Birmingham Handball Club aims to be one of the major handball clubs in Britain and a centre of handball development in the Midlands. We are on the journey and have a long way to go, but we are excited at the potential in and around Birmingham and know that if we don’t achieve the vision, we’ll have fun playing this great game and make new friends doing so!


Birmingham Handball Club is formally constituted and is affiliated to the England Handball Association. The club takes governance seriously and we are keen to ensure that the club is run well, transparently, and for the benefit of its members and the wider community. The club Constitution and club policies are available on request. 


Above all, we hope that if you join us, you’ll feel welcomed, you’ll learn something new and you’ll have a great time!

See you soon


Chris Crocker


Club Committee 2023-2024

The club committee is responsible for the running of the club, its finances, fundraising, training, safeguarding and publicity. Basically, anything "off court"! We are grateful for the people who give their time and energy to running the club......

Playing Committee

The Playing Committee is responsible for arranging training, games, coaching and match days. Basically anything "on the court"! We are delighted to have some great people leading the teams this year.... 

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