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Birmingham Handball Club AGM and Awards Evening 2023

Chris Crocker

16 Jul 2023

Celebrating the year

We had a great awards event and AGM on 15th July, looking back over the last season and looking forward to the next. We were really pleased to be able to hold the event at Stirchley Baths in Birmingham, 19th Centrury baths which had been converted and modernised into community meeting rooms.

The first part of the evening was devoted to honouring those players who had excelled during the season as well as those volunteers who had given their time and energy as coaches or volunteers behind the scenes.

The second part of the evening was taken over by the club's AGM. We had a great turnout for both the awards and the AGM, which spoke volumes about the growing investment of the members in the club.

In amongst the usual annual reports, we had some new sections, which were positively recieved. Our new Club Coach, Joszef, gave a presentation about his vision for the club, training and playing, and we also had opportunity to feedback about the club, Jo's propsals and new proposals about the financial structure of the club. This was the best part of the evening as members were able to share ideas about how the club can improve and develop and how we can work towards being a major part of the growth of handball in the Midlands.

The meeting voted on the new committee for the 2023-24 season. The new Club Committee members are as follows:

Chair - Anita Dal Porto

Club Coach - Joszef Stakacs

Treasurer - Caleb Mathews

Welfare Officer - James Cargill

Secretary - Chris Crocker

This promises to be exciting times for the club as we look forward to the 2023-24 season!

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