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League update

Chris Crocker

23 Dec 2023

League tables half way through the season

As we are half way through the season, the EHA league tables are beginnign to take shape. For the Bisons, we have had a strong start to the season, and are looking forward to what the second half brings! For our Men 1, playing in the EHA Premier League North, they have had a good start. Losing to Nottingham at the start ofthe season, they have beaten their closest rivals, in Liverpool and Loughborough. They still have to play a strong Hawkes team and Manchester-Trafford, but if they continue playing as they have done so far, they should finish mid-table which would be good progress for the Bisons over last season.

The Men 2, playing in the EHA Regional League North, have not lost this season, and are going well. Drawing with Birmingham University was the only game where they have dropped points and they have continued to turn the tables on last season when they finished last. This is a gain a strong league this year, and It has been partucularly encouraging to see the depth of strength in the Bison's mens section and to see some new young players coming through, as well as to see the additional training form the men paying off!

Unfortortunately, our women have struggled so far this season, losing all their games. However, they have been competitive and could have won more of their games, had we had larger squads on game days. Like last season, we have played well and have pushed teams hard, but have lacked strength in depth due to injury, illness, holidays, work and other committments for team members. We are hoping that in the second half of the season we'll be able to field more players on a regular basis, and that we'll be moving up the table!

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