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No backing out

Chris Crocker

24 Jul 2023

Running Yabba Dabba Do!

Yep, now this is public, there's no backing out! Chris, the Bisons's Secretary is running the Yabba Dabba Do run in September to raise funds for the club. Chris said, "I did a lot of running when I was 50, but since then I've done very little of anything to keep fit.... running 10k might not seem much to most people, but, as an overweight, unfit, 60yr old, it will be a struggle! Trying to get back into training has been HARD, but at least I'm trying and I have seen some progress! I'm really hoping to raise funds for Birmingham Handball Club. As a club we have to pay for everything, venues, equipment, training etc, and it's not cheap! I really want this run to not only help me to get a little bit fitter, but also to raise funds for some much needed equipment for the club.... It would be a great encouragement for me and the club members to see the donations coming in, so if you can please give something, no matter how small!!"

You can make donations thought Chris's funraising page at:

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