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The season ends...

Chris Crocker

20 May 2024

.. but not for our U14 Boys..

The season ended for our adult teams on Sunday, as the Bison Men 1 team won their final game of the season against Liverpool, by the closest of margins, 29-28. Games against Liverpool this season have been close, with the Bisons winning 2 out of the 3 games, and the other ending in a draw. This game was no exception, with the Bisons holding on at the end, having played with a depleted team. The game was one of the placement games for the final Premiership standings (places 5-8) and came at the end of a long hard season. Our final game against Carshalton was voided, as Carshalton could not raise a team, which meant that the Bisons finished with 2 wins and a loss (against Islington) in the placement matches. Overall, the Bisons finished 6th in the Premiership and therefore in the country, a fine achievement for a young club such as ours. Our Men 2 also finished well, ending up 4th in the Midlands Regional League, and they could have finished higher. Our women really struggled due to losing so many players throughout the season, and finished last in the Premiership North: this was not due to lack of talent, as they pushed several teams up until the last quarter of games, and showed some guts and great attitude. However, they could not make up for inconsistency in training and for losing so many players throughout the year. This is something we hope we can work on in the coming season.

However, the season for our youth has not ended! We have several boys and girls entering trials for the Midlands Youth Academy on 1 June and our boys U14 are also entering the EHA U14 National competition on 15 June. We are looking forward to seeing how they do against some of the best players in the country at that age!

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