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Coaching is the Key

We've been going for approximately a year and a half and we have a lot to celebrate: growth in numbers of adults and youth, particularly girls, developing links with local schools and entrance into the England Handball Association Regional leagues! It's been great to see both adults and young people really enjoy playing and competing, even if this results in a loss, but its also been good to see us winning as well!

Loads of people have given time and energy behind the scenes to see the club grow and establish itself, particularly since the start of this season. All this work is vital to the good running and success of the club. However, the more I have seen the more I believe that the key to the long term success and growth of the club is developing a good, strong coaching team. Good coaches can encourage, can enthuse, can bring sessions to life and really connect with the players. This is true for both experienced players and those who are just starting out. They can also bring a sense of fun and purpose to training and encourage players to learn. Good coaches can give hope during the tough times, and help players to develop resilience and character, which are really important life lessons. This is the direction we'd like to travel in, to see a good quality coaching team develop at the club: then we will see the talent we have at the club reaching it's potential!

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