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First Few Months

South Birmingham Handball Club has now been going for three months, a time full of learning, challenges and fun! We now have a constitution, committee and policies and have had Youth and Adult training sessions for most of this time. Its been great to see new people come and try handball, and in the main, come back again for more! Particularly encouraging is seeing the growing "core" of members who enjoy the sport and who want to learn and develop. Its also been great to see people who've played before wanting to join the club: people who've not had that opportunity before in Birmingham. We've been greatly helped by a few experienced players who have been patient with us beginners, whilst we get to grips with the game. Its been a good few months, and its laid the basis for further growth and development next season! To end the season (almost), in an historic moment in the life of SBHC, we played our first game of handball, a friendly against the University of Birmingham. Whilst the result was never going to be in doubt, it was a great opportunity for us to experience actual game play and learn from our mistakes and the strengths of the opposition. This was another step for us on the way to learning more about the game and how to play, as well as learning more about the rules! We lost 14-18, but the game was played in a really good spirit and we did not disgrace oursleves (objective no. 1)! Hopefully we'll be arranging more friendly games in the future, which will certainly help us to improve to pave the way for the following season!

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